We are the Canadian Company dedicated to helping Canadian Life Industry professionals earn more income.

We do that by connecting you with always relevant and valuable industry information and ideas you use to generate income or use to save on the products and services you use in your practice which we deliver by email on behalf of some of Canada's most prominent life insurance industry related companies.

Companies you'd have heard from or currently hear from if on the IBMCO e-mail list:

  • Assumption Life
  • BMO Life
  • Blue Cross Ontario
  • Canada Life
  • Canada Protection Plan
  • Desjardin
  • Foresters
  • Great West Life
  • Humania
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Manulife
  • RBC Life
  • Sun Life and other insurers;

as well as some of their distributors (MGAs), companies who offer training and services related to the acquisition of referrals from your clients and their advisors, various industry professional associations, where to get coverage on people you thought previously uninsurable and those who offer products and services you use regularly in your practice including those who offer CE credits and business generation and industry training seminars.

What value do life professionals who are on the IBMCO list get?

The benefits are many including being among the first to learn about important product and industry developments that could have a positive affect on your income. But generally those on our list receive information and ideas usually to a maximum of 3 emails per week that often turn on that light-bulb and result in opening more doors and greater income. .

Information like one broker used to write two $100,000 per year premiums, as a result of an enhancement one insurer made to a product, learned about from an email through us at just the right time to solve that clients problem.

Generally those on our list tell us they:

  • are made more aware of their options from among the key players in the life industry
  • make more money using the business generation ideas and other information they get
  • save money on products and services you need such as CE credits or E&O Insurance
  • are often the first to learn about industry issues that affect you and your clients.

If a key player has news you'll benefit from, we can often get it to you same day.

Once on our list, you may ......

  • Be advised about temporary commission bonuses
  • Be invited to free seminars in your local area by some of the industries leading companies some of which will provide free CE credits
  • Learn where to get affordable coverage on people who've been rated and declined whom you previously thought uninsurable
  • Be provided with ideas you can use to generate business with existing clients
  • Learn how to maximize referrals from clients, accountants and lawyers
  • Learn where to get the most affordable CE Credits on line and in class.
  • Be the first to be informed about new products and product enhancements.
  • Be the first to learn about industry issues that affect you.
  • Qualifications required for various company conferences, where they are, offered by whom
  • Learn about unique products that may be offered by no one else
  • Be provided with hypothetical case scenarios that will help you identify clients that can use the products being discussed.
  • Learn where to get the most affordable E&O insurance
  • And you will receive much more, valuable always relevant information you will not receive unless on our mailing list……

Once on the IBMCO list you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. If you don't find value, you may opt out anytime and it's immediate and permanent.

Thousands BENEFIT now and many have been on our list for more than 15 years because of the value they receive. Call us toll free if you have any questions: 1-866-470-1367, or visit our FAQ section or take 60 seconds to improve your income and…….

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