Welcome to the first (Established 1996) Canadian Company to specialize in
providing "Direct" electronic contact and information delivery services to
Canada's Life and Dual (Life & Mutual Funds) licensed professionals.

While there are more than 200,000 Life, Mutual funds and securities licensed professionals in Canada, only so many do the type and volume of business our most discriminating clients want.

So we've identified the "best of the best" and can put your message directly in front of more than 70,000 of these professionals by mail or fax, or can deliver your messages to several thousand by email.

Our recipients INCLUDE many of Canada's MDRT, COURT and TOP OF THE TABLE PRODUCERS. (They rank among the top 3% of producers worldwide and truly are "The cream of the crop"), and thousands of Canada's Top Mutual Funds Professionals.

How effective is this service? We have numerous examples of extremely good results and can provide you with references at several of Canada's most prominent companies.

Your message can be put in front of all, or any number of life or mutual fund licensees, using our contact information and the old fashioned method of snail mail (which is expensive given current postal rates) or, we can deliver it much more quickly, and economically by fax, or email.

Email is the most commonly used method because of it's cost effectivenesswe, the fact that we could possibly get your message in front of recipients with just 30 minutes notice, and the numbers we can reach by email is ever growing as we work full time at acquiring the permission of more and more people, and as brokers sign up on our web site after they discover how valuable our information can be to them.

While we can and do reach several thousand "captive" agents, our primary focus is on truly INDEPENDENT brokers. We can easily exclude any group or specific domain requested.

Not only do we deliver your fax or email for a substantially smaller investment than would be required using any other delivery method, but we will eliminate the need for you to print brochures and letters, pay for thousands of envelopes, and use your staff's time to prepare for these marketing efforts.

However small, or massive your marketing initiative is, whether your message goes to 100 or 40,000 life or mutual funds licensed professionals, your time involvement may be as little as 2 minutes.

Using our fax or email delivery method will be more effective and require a smaller investment than any other method, including ICS's mail drops, Canada Post, industry magazines and newspapers..

IBMCO commenced operations in 1996 and we're good at what we do which is help you reduce expenses related to finding new producers and increase your annual new Life Insurance Premiums, Seg and Mutual Fund sales.

IBMCO was founded by its current president, Terry Rolfe, who understands Canada's financial services business, and its various distribution methods. Terry's past experiences include being a stock broker,one of Canada's top 10 producers for Templeton Funds, Amoung the top 3% (Court of the Table level producer) in terms of New Annual Life Insurance Premiums, Top Branch manager and Presidents award winner at one of Canada's leading life insurance companies and Regional Vice President, responsible for distribution in British Columbia, for one of the world's largest financial services companies taking that region from last to first place in Canada in one year using a fraction of the database we now have.

For more details about how IBMCO will help you
achieve greater success, email us or see our 
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