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Do you have information Canadian Estate Planners and their clients need to know be it for competitive reasons or to help them discover better solutions for their clients?

These professionals may be seeking their first or a new MGA partner, want to know their competitive options, learn where to turn if they get rated or declined prospects, wish to receive business generation ideas including hypothetical case scenarios, be first to learn about important developments including newly created and improved financial products by the insurers, discover unique products, be invited to on-line and local PD days and seminars, discover where to get the most affordable E&O insurance and continuing education including CE credits.

If it's relevant to the life industry and it will benefit them and their clients, we’ll email it to them so they don’t have to wait days to maybe learn about it through their MGA or company or discover you by accident some other way including through a magazine.

If it benefits them and their clients, it benefits everyone so lets make the connection!

It's all about keeping or getting Life industry professionals in the know, educating about options and ultimately providing them with the tools and resources which help them grow their practice and earn more income.

What Don’t these Giants do that IBMCO does?


With their consent we deliver your Canadian Life Insurance Industry Information by email onto the devices of thousands of open minded eager *life licensed professionals from coast to coast.

*may hold additional licenses such as mutual funds, securities

Who uses IBMCO services?

Companies and industry associations who have Canadian Life Industry related information that estate planning professionals and their clients will want or need to know in order to find the best financial solutions available.

What information do they seek?

Thousands will see it Instantly! Be they at the cottage. With a client. On the boat. While on vacation. Whether Canada Post is on strike or not.

about IBMCO

IBMCO was started at a time the financial pillars were falling and career agents became independent. There became an obvious need to link the information of all companies related to the life industry with the industries professionals. We make the connection in an effort to keep life industry professionals and their clients informed, provide them ideas and help create new relationships.

about founder

About The Founder

IBMCO was founded in 1999 by Terry Rolfe, whose past experiences include being a top 1% performing stock broker at a major firm, among the top 3% worldwide(Court of the Table level producer) in terms of New Annual Life Insurance Premiums at Canada Life, later their Top Branch manager where he and his team were the Presidents award winner, and later Regional Vice President, responsible for distribution in British Columbia, for one of the world's largest financial services companies. He has recruited and trained numerous MDRT qualifiers (top 3% worldwide) and attributes a large part of his success to the discovery of business generation ideas and information that turns on that lightbulb in your head and opens doors, plus the receipt of timely information thus founded IBMCO as a natural extension of that in an effort to better connect the industry and help thousands keep better informed and earn more income.


Currently IBMCO connects your life industry relevant information with just under 13,000, all of whom, with the exception of a few home office and field support marketing people, are at least life licensed professionals, with some also holding a disability, mutual funds, and securities license.
Yes. IBMCO emails those, added to our list using at least the minimum collection methods as laid out in Canada’s anti spam legislation, sometimes higher, who agree to receive the information until they notify us otherwise including opting out instantly and permanently using the link provided in every message. IBMCO has no desire to send information to anyone who does not want it and strives hard to never do so because our primary objective is to connect industry information with those who need, want and will use it.
Life industry related professionals seek to be immediately informed about any new or enhanced products developed. Be invited to seminars on line and locally. Learn who might offer better back office, field and case support. Discover where to get the most affordable products and services they require in their practice such as continuing education, E&O coverage referral and prospecting training. Learn how the industry professional associations can help them grow personally and professionally. Discover previously unknown and unique products and services that can open doors and lead to business. Want to compare products features, prices and commission rates. Are seeking lead generation and business generation ideas. If you have information that might help Canadian Life industry related professionals keep informed, open doors, grow their practice, adds arrows to their quivers and increase their income. we can connect you.
IBMCO seeks to connect your life industry relevant, timely, possibly unique information with eager life industry professionals wanting to be made aware of their options and choices and we keep our list fluent using countless methods. One of them is to drive possibly interested parties to http://www.ibmco.ca/brokers where they can weigh the benefits of being on our industry information connection list and see some examples of messages that have benefited their colleagues as well as a few testimonials from them.
We know one way email success is measured is by engagement such as clicks, phone and email inquires and recognizable increased sales. But however you measure it, every professional on our list is capable of discovering exactly what they were looking for, or maybe even what they weren’t, at just the right time, thereby taking advantage of what you informed them about, and just one such occurrence can not only recover your information distribution costs, but make it an outstanding investment. Whether you’re an insurer, distributor such as an MGA, or any company offering relevant life industry related products and services, IBMCO seeks to connect it with those who want to know about you so as to be made aware of more options and choices for themselves and their clients.
Bookings are often made a couple weeks in advance and can be booked for any available future date but in urgent situations we could distribute it same day, often next day if urgent and usually within 3 days subject to space availability as we send 3 emails per week max except in rare situations where it directly benefits the broker and is time sensitive. I.E a commission bonus about to expire or seminar. deadline.
Book a date, create your email any length, full color with logos and reply email addresses or live links to your web site or places in it and to PDFs containing more details for them, send us the file and subject line. We’ll tweak it to ensure compatibility with all known email programs, test deliverability in inboxes, send you a draft, get sign off and deliver it from coast to coast.
Full rates are less than the cost of postage and with trial, introductory and frequency rates it only gets better.
Because we use them on average up to three times a week, 99.9% accurate.
You do and provide it to us in one of several formats, preferably html coded for email, or WORD, as a PDF and some other formats. IBMCOs service is to deliver your information to those on our list. However we can assist with creation and we do tweak messages to ensure they display properly in email programs.
Yes, just email us at reply@ibmco.ca and let us know where you might like to send to IE Canada or Ontario or Maritimes and generally what idea you have in mind and we’ll provide our best efforts to establish a mutually rewarding business relationship.
Contact us at reply@ibmco.ca

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